Year 12 Literature – COMPULSORY Holiday Homework DUE IN FIRST CLASS BACK!


Read Emma and complete the following activities

  1. Make a brief summary of EACH chapter in dot points. (no MORE than 50 - 100 words per chapter)

  1. Create a character profile (include relevant quotes, details such as home life, relatives, friends, background) for each of
  • Emma
  • Mr. Woodhouse
  • Mr. Knightley
  • Mr. Elton
  • Harriet Smith
  • Miss Bates
  • Jane Fairfax
  • Frank Churchill
  • Mrs. Elton

Include what OTHER people say about them in your quotes list.

  1. Who was Jane Austen? Write two paragraphs about her work and her life. Look her up on Wikipedia. Be prepared to discuss her life in class during the first week back.


Read Hamlet (as best as you can!). If you get really stuck, try No Fear Shakespeare or the various online explanations. No Fear Shakespeare is terrific and you can reach it here: No Fear Shakespeare - Hamlet

  1. Watch a MOVIE of Hamlet. I highly recommend the Kenneth Branagh version. It’s very thorough.
  2. Again, make a SUMMARY of each scene. Brief notes just to REMIND yourself of the action.
  3. Do the worksheets attached
  4. Collect quotes to describe
  • Hamlet
  • Claudius
  • Gertrude
  • Ophelia
  • Laertes
  • The Ghost (Old King Hamlet)

Your Emma Character Profiles should look something like this:

Character Profile: Miss Emma Woodhouse

Name: Emma Woodhouse

Job/Role: Heiress, mistress of Hartfield

Relationships/Family Links


How is Emma described?

What does she look like?

What does she 'sound' like when she speaks?

What happens to Emma in the novel?

What kind of person is Emma?

(Be sure to use evidence - QUOTES from the novel)